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14 thoughts on “B2B Events

  • I had a great time at the B2B last year and looking forward to this year’s event. Frank’s B2B event is a terrific way to cross- pollenate on ideas, make new contacts and have fun doing it !

  • Yvonne Thevenot says:

    Really appreciated the opportunity to attend and my thanks to Michel Laval at Winestone Laval for inviting me! Enjoyed meeting so many different professionals and the displays were interesting. Found it challenging to stand all day after a long day at work, so unfortunately had to leave before the main speaker presented. Congratulations on a terrific event!

  • Samantha says:

    Do you have photos or DVD of that evening? I want to share them with my friends.

  • Leni Gaia says:

    What a great event! A successful event full of networking opportunities. Thank you Frank for making it happen. Please keep my name in your list for the next event.

    Kind regards,
    Leni Gaia

    • admin says:

      Thank you for join us, Leni.

      For sure you will be invited for the next GREAT event. We will make it happen again!

  • Shawn Mintz says:

    Fantastic event! The speeches were inspirational and there was lots of great networking opportunities. Every event gets bigger and better – had an awesome time. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

  • What a great event. Great contacts. Fabulous speakers.

  • Salima says:

    Frank thank you and your sponsors and staff for a lovely night. It was loud while Fred spoke here are two options for next time: either turn out the lights when the speaker takes the stage OR set a VERY high ticket price. Also a band would be amazing.
    PS – I’m offering meditation for the crowd:) Seriously, though, it was lovely. Thank you and if your team needs an energy boost let’s set that up!

  • Samantha says:

    Great event! Guest are full of energy! A successful networking event! Thank you, Frank!

  • Mike says:

    this is great, i will attend to this B2B Event as well. lots of opportunity. another great work from Frank.

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