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frank_duong Frank Duong, Founder
For more than 15 years, I have been putting my passion into creative design in many types of media: print, traditional offset, and online. I find immense satisfaction in managing a project from concept all the way to completion.As Art Director and Owner of C&D Graphic Services Inc., I have been responsible for overseeing the work handled by our designers, the design of my own projects and also the development of the business.I have always desired to connect my clients and to build a stronger business community. In 2010, I created the first Networking B2B event as a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to promote their ventures. I received overwhelming support from my business partners and sponsors. Over time Networking B2B has become a signature event in the business community; our guests are all looking forward to this event happening every year. I want to thank you for your support and making this event another success. Together we aim for an evening full of opportunities to generate business referrals.

Presented by: Luminus Financial



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